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Docker Limit Log size

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Docker Logs can grow quite large. To prevent them from filling up your filesystem, you can instruct the Docker-Daemon to do a log rotation.


Create NGINX-Container to redirect domain to another (HTTP 301)

> Content > Linux > Docker

If you want to redirect one domain to another, but your registrar does not provide a solution for that, you can spin up a small NGINX container to do just that.


DNF Package Manager

> Content > Linux > RHEL Basics

DNF is the new Package-Manager for RHEL-Based Systems. It replaces `yum` and is the default since RHEL-8. The Syntax is more or less identical, so that the migration should be quite easy.


How to Limit the amount of Memory used for ARC caching in ZFS

> Content > Linux > ZFS

ZFS is very memory intensive by default, since it uses you RAM as a cache. Because of that is is also very fast. If you don't want zfs to use that much memory and are willing to accept the performance hit, you can set limits on the memory usage of zfs.


Clean up Docker Builder Cache

> Content > Linux > Docker

The Docker Builder keeps some of it's steps as cache to speed up rebuilding. If you run out of disk-space you can clear this cache like so:


Show NFS Shares on Remote Server

> Content > Linux > NFS

If you want to know which NFS-Shares are exported by a remote host, you can use the `showmount`-Command.


Configure Insecure Registry

> Content > Linux > Podman

If you want to pull container-images from an insecure registry over http instead of https, you have to specify the registry as insecure. Otherwise docker will refuse, because of the unencrypted connection.


Change Data Directory

> Content > Linux > Docker

Docker saves it's images, volumes, networks etc in `/var/lib/docker`. Sometimes it is useful to move this directory to another location. For example a separate disk mounted under `/opt`.


WirePlumber 100% CPU Usage

> Content > Linux > PipeWire - WirePlumber

I use a DELL Laptop with a docking station. If I disconnect the docking station and reconnect it, my wireplumber daemon usually runs at 100% CPU usage.


mkfifo - Named Pipes

> Content > Linux

With named pipes you can let processes interact through different shells. Other than that they work like the 'normal' pipe.