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Monitor Network Stats with sar

> Content > Linux > SAR

The `System Actvity Report` or `sar` for short, can be used to track all kinds of system-metrics.


Mount CIFS or SMB Share on Linux

> Content > Linux > CIFS - SMB

Linux can not only mount NFS Share but CIFS / SMB shares from Windows environments as well. Provided you have the right helper tools installed.


test-01 updated

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I'm test 01.


Setup NFS Server on RHEL

> Content > Linux > NFS

If you need to share files between multiple servers, the easiest way is to setup a nfs-server.


Add a trusted CA for SSL Certs

> Content > Linux > SSL Certs

This article describes how to add a CA as trusted CA on RHEL Based Linux Systems.


Download Go Dependencies for Offline CICD

> Content > Programming > GO - Golang

If you want to build your go application in a cicd but do not have a connection to the internet on the build-server you need a way to include the depenencies into your git repository.


Useful Links and Videos

> Content > Linux > Useful Links and Videos

## Computer Hardware Basics


NGINX Error 413 Request Entity Too Large

> Content > Linux > NGINX

This error means, that the file, you try to upload is bigger than the configured max file size.


Test Changes on InfiniTime with InfiniSim

> Content > Programming > PineTime

Since InfinfiTime is an open source firmware, everybody can participate in the development or modify your custom firmware.


PostgreSQL Replication with Failover and Switchback

> Content > Databases > PostgreSQL

If you have a Postgres Database that can not afford any downtime, it is a good Idea to setup replication. That way, if your primary Postgres fails you can switch to the secondary and the other way around. That is also very useful to do OS-updates and patches with minimal downtime.